About Fausto Simoes

MotoXcycle was started in 2002, by Fausto Simoes with his first product, a full aluminum oval oil tank.

This product was installed on a NYC Choppers Bobber which toured around the country going to all of the major shows.

After the introduction of that product other oval aluminum tanks were developed that included battery boxes, fit into stock Harley-Davidson softails and included a variety of different symbols machined directly into the tanks such as the iron cross, the spade, a spade with the number 13 machined into the spade, the trucker girl and shallow fins. From there we further developed this oval tank line to include a deep finned steel version that would fit the newer Harley-Davidson softails (2000 and up) that were equipped with the new twin-cam motor.

From there we started offering custom motorcycle frames as well as handlebars, gas tanks and exhaust systems.  We now have round oil tanks that have the same stylish features as our oval oil tank line and we offer the round tanks in either 5" round diameter or 5.5" round diameter.

We are located near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

You can reach Fausto at 514-836-4615 or by e-mail at sales@motoxcycle.com

Thank you for visiting our site. If you do not see any products here that interest you please contact us as we can custom fabricate any item as long as you can provide a detailed drawing.