Custom Metal Fabricating With MXC's Jig-Mate


Jig-Mate is a fully adjustable specialized fabrication tool that is specifically designed for custom fabricators or professionals that need to hold various devices or scientific instruments in a specific location with extreme strength.

 Custom Harley-Davidson handlebars being fabricated using MXC's Jig-Mate.

In this photo two Jig-Mates are being used to fabricate a set of custom handlebars.  Jig-Mate's unique gripper end is designed to hold vice-grips, c-clamps and parts that do not exceed a thickness of 3/4".

MXC Jig-Mate Welding Positioner, Custom Fabrication Tool, Adjustable arm for scientific instruments

In this photo an earlier version of the Jig-Mate is holding a part horizontal so precise measurements can be taken.

Custom motorcycle frame building with MXC Jig-Mate. Fabrication tools for the aerospace industry.

Here MXC's Jig-Mate is being used to position the shock mount for a custom frame during the product development stage. 

Custom Harley-Davidson Urban Assault Vehicle / Street Fighter

Here is a photo of the finished motorcycle.  The only limit to the ways Jig-Mate can help you achieve and finalize your present and future projects is your imagination!