Custom Motorcycle Frames by MotoXcycle

This is one of our first Softail builds, we wanted it to be different from the other softail frames available on the market.

We built this custom rigid frame for Tom Todd, Skeeter Todd's brother.

He did a really great job building this beautiful bike,

This sharp looking rigid was built with the frame rails stretching out horizontally instead of upward and then being tied in with the single downtube and two supporting rails to give it a truly custom look. One of our favorite rigid frame designs.

We built this custom softail frame for a client that wanted some western motifs cut out on the frame side plates. It also has a special treatment for the custom point at the end of the downtube.

Here is a picture of the frame uprights with the special western motif cut outs.

This is a single sided rigid we custom fabricated for a client. A lot of time and energy went into making this a reality.

Single sided softail frame for custom Harley-Davidson

Here is a single sided rigid frame we built. It was designed to accept a large V-Twin motor.