Custom Oil Tanks by MotoXcycle MXC

MotoXcycle MXC custom aluminum oval oil tank for Harley-Davidson

This is the very first oil tank we made and the product that launched our company.

It is still being used today.  Made in 2002.

Round oil tank for Harley-Davidson Rocker

We designed this oil tank to be a direct bolt-on to a Harley-Davidson Rocker, it uses all of the original mounts and oil lines.

Custom round oil tank for Harley-Davidson Rocker

Here is a picture of the same tank from the other side. The triple plated show chrome is so perfect it looks like liquid metal.

This deep finned steel oval oil tank was copper plated. It looks so good it is almost a shame to have it get hit by bugs and road dirt!

We made this really deep finned tank as a special request from a customer.


Tapered oval oil tank for Harley-Davidson Softail 1999 and under, copper plated finish

We also make our custom oval oil tanks in a tapered version where the front is narrower that the rear, this matches the angle of the seat side rails on most stock and custom Harley-Davidson type frames.

Here is a different angle of the same tapered style oval oil tank.

Tapered style deep finned oval oil tank for custom Harley-Davidsons, copper plated finish.

Here is a shot of the other side of the same tapered oval oil tank with a copper finish.