MotoXcycle in Magazines

We built this classic wishbone rigid and polished aluminum oval oil tank for NYC Choppers and it ended up on the front cover of Street Chopper August 2016.

We built a set of custom handlebars for Dave Perewitz and he used them for building a custom motorcycle that was featured in an advertisement for Lucas Oil.

Green bobber with MotoXcycle polished aluminum oval oil tank.

This green bobber by NYC Choppers included one of our first polished aluminum oval oil tanks. 

MXC MotoXcycle handlebars on one of Eddie Trotta's custom motorcycles

We made these custom handlebars for Eddie Trotta and he used them to build a custom bike for Drag Specialties.

MotoXcycle MXC handlebars on Eddie Trotta's Discovery Biker Build-off Custom Motorcycle

Another one of the handlebars that we built for Eddie Trotta ended up on his Biker Build Off Discovery bike.

MotoXcycle oval stainless steel oil tank on Sucker Punch Sally custom motorcycle.

We built this stainless steel oval oil tank for the purple rigid with yellow flames.

Another part in a Lucas Oil advertisement.

MotoXcycle MXC custom oval oil tank with Spade 13 machined into the sides

This oval aluminum oil tank fabricated by us ended up on a NYC Choppers custom motorcycle that made it to the front cover of Bike Works magazine.

Here is a Street Fighter frame we built for a customer. This bike ended up on the cover and they gave us credit this time as well.